FujiCEM 2 Mixing Tips SL White (20)


GC FujiCEM 2 is a second-generation, resin-modified glass ionomer luting cement. Following ten years of clinical success with GC FujiCEM, this product is powered by F2 Flex Fuse Technology, which incorporates new high-elastic crosslinking monomers with a modified filler-surface treatment that increases strength properties. The F2 Flex Fuse Technology helps with improving indirect restorations withincreased strength, high fluoride release, low film thickness and excellent marginal integrity. Indicated for a broad array of indirect restorations including all types of metal-, resin-, alumina- and zirconia-based inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges, GC FujiCEM 2 delivers superior bond strength which allows extra time for completing more restorations.

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